September 24, 2013
Jennifer Grey Set To Make Big-Screen Return In Joss Whedon Movie 'In Your Eyes'

Jennifer Grey is ready to return to the big screen.

The actress who turned in an iconic performance in the 1987 hit Dirty Dancing has been away from movies for the past few years, last appearing in The Bling Ring in 2011. But now Grey is ready to make a splash, appearing in the paranormal romance film In Your Eyes.

Jennifer picked quite a project for her return. The movie is written by Joss Whedon, who has a knack for science-fiction hits like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It also brings director Brin Hill and lead actors Zoe Karzan and Michael Stahl-David. Jennifer Gray plays Diane in the movie, which was filmed in early 2012 in New Hampshire.

The location was strategically picked, said Kai Cole, producer and co-founder of Bellwether Pictures.

"Location is very important to me," Cole sad. "I think people can tell when you're tricking them with movie magic. We wanted everything to be authentic, from the architecture to the landscape and New Hampshire is perfect for us"

Though she has appeared in a number of movies and turned in a fan-favorite stint on Dancing with the Stars, Jennifer Grey said her Dirty Dancing role will always hold a special place for her.

"It's a part of me," Grey told The Hollywood Reporter about the 1987 film. "This movie is something that is so close to me that I don't think I could be surprised by it, but it will be really nice to experience it on the big screen with an audience."

It was this iconic dancing role prompted Dancing with the Stars producers to make overtures to Grey to appear on the show, but she always turned them down. Then, after her co-star Patrick Swayze died in 2009, Jennifer had a change of heart.

"I just thought to myself, the only reason I wouldn't do that is because of pride, fear of humiliating myself or being found out for not being as good of a dancer as everyone thinks I am, and I thought, I don't want to live like that," Grey said.

Joss Whedon said In Your Eyes is still on post-production, and there isn't word on when it could be released or how big a role Jennifer Grey will play.