The One-Eyed Pirate Cat Charms The Internet

Move over Grumpy Cat! Sir Stuffington, the one-eyed pirate cat, is charming his way through the internet!

Sir Stuffington and his siblings were found in the town of Troutdale in Oregon.

All of them suffered from different ailments, but Sir Stuffington was by far in the worst condition.

He was found without his eye and neglected with a severe flea infestation, jaw fracture, and heart murmur.

All three were taken to the Multnomah County Animal Services where they were all given care specific to their needs.

According to Metro, Blazer Schaffer saw the photos of the kittens and decided to bring home the kitten brothers and then began documenting their new lives and their health progress online.

Since starting the Facebook page for Sir Stuffington, the page has gained over 32,000 fans.

Metro continues on to say that the Facebook page was created to "bring awareness to the world about the importance of your local animal shelter & the lives they save every day!"

The little kitten has gotten a lot of attention the past few weeks thanks to social media and the internet in general.

Schaffer has received many inquires on adopting the little one-eyed pirate cat but has had to tell everyone that "Sir Stuff" is still not ready to go to his forever home as can be seen by the following post:

[fb link=""] Sir Stuffington Facebook Embed [/fb]

Want to check out some photos of the cute little one-eyed pirate cat? Check out some of these Facebook photos posted to his fan page! The first is an image of the little cat dressed up in his pirate outfit:

[fb link=" Sir Stuffington Pirate Photo Facebook Embed [/fb]

The next set is of the kitten's first photo shoot after he was brought home with his brothers to Schaffer's home:

[fb link=""] Sir Stuffington First Photo shoot Facebook Embed [/fb]

What do you think of the one-eyed pirate cat? Grumpy Cat may have to watch her back with this little critter rising up the internet ranks.

[Image via Facebook/Sir.Stuffington]