Phil Hartman Remembered On 65th Birthday [Video]

Dan Evon

Comedy fans around the world are watching Phil Hartman videos today to celebrate what would have been the actor's 65th birthday.

Hartman, who is famous for his roles on The Simpsons,Saturday Night Live, and News Radio, was shot and killed by his wife Brynn in 1998.

On the 15th anniversary of his death, Jon Lovitz took to Twitter to honor his friend and former co-star.

Lovitz writes: "15 years ago today, I lost my friend and big brother, Phil Hartman. Big loss for everyone.. Still. Remembering and never forgetting. How was it working with Phil Hartman? The best! My favorite actor to work with & the nicest guy ever!"

Hartman started his career doing voices on Scooby Do. He would continue to do voice acting on shows like The Jetsons, The Smurfs, and The Brave Little Toaster. His big break, of course, came in 1984 when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live.

Hartman played a diverse cast of characters on Saturday Night Live including President Bill Clinton.

Hartman said: "I've served the same role that Dan Aykroyd did. The average guy who you could put wigs and glasses and noses on and make into a lot of different things. I've been sympathetic dads, scary attorneys, insane killers, and Frank Sinatra, who is sort of an amalgam of all those things."

Here's a video of Phil Hartman's Saturday Night Live audition.

Phil Hartman died at the age of 49 long before he was done making the world laugh. On his 65th birthday, let's take a look back at Phil Harman's hilarious career.

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