Tool’s ‘Forty Six And Two’ Covered Amazingly By Kids [Video]

Tool’s “Forty Six and Two” has received an awesome cover by a group of kids.

You’ve heard of school band rehearsals, and most of the time you think of some song that was popular on Top 40 stations about ten years ago covered by big band instruments. Sadly, Metallica tried to pull that off professionally with their own material, but it ended up an unmitigated disaster as they proceeded to butcher every song their fans actually liked.

This school band was given a new approach. Instead of “Eye of the Tiger” or some kind of more socially acceptable song from the good old days, music teacher Aaron O’Keefe picked something more recent and a lot cooler.

Tool considers themselves basically music geeks, but that hasn’t held them back from delivering some of the most memorable songs we’ve heard in their prime. Tool’s “Forty Six and Two” gave us a song about obsession and self mutilation that showed how youth life was in those days.

The students involved in this amazing cover of the song obviously practiced for a long time, as every beat and sound was dead-on, and even the girl singing the lyrics in place of Maynard James Keenan did a remarkable job. The camera being trained on these kids didn’t seem to faze them as they practically starred in a music video that could easily sit right up there with the original.

The cover of “Forty Six and Two” may actually be instrumental in Tool’s possible comeback, as the lead singer told AntiQuiet that he recently stopped by his rehearsal place and just about begged them for music. Maynard James Keenan said that he writes his lyrics to music, making him almost the opposite of nearly every other frontman out there.

Hopefully Aaron O’Keefe and his class will deliver more of these amazing rock covers that we wish we sounded like, as their cover of Tool’s “Forty Six and Two” just kicked all kinds of ass.