'Breaking Bad' Star Bryan Cranston Reads His Favorite Erotic Fan Letter [Video]

On a recent episode of Conan, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, along with the rest of the cast from the hit AMC drama, appeared to talk about the television phenomenon. The cast had much to cheer about as the series finale approaches and after Breaking Bad recently claimed an award for Outstanding Drama Series at the Emmys.

First out were the series' leads, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. After a little banter between Conan O'Brien and the two actors, Cranston decided to share a special surprise with the audience that night, as Huffington Post reports. Pulling a letter out of his pocket, Cranston explained that he wanted to read aloud his "favorite" fan letter --- an oddly disturbing and hilarious writing.

Before beginning, Cranston swears that this is an absolutely genuine letter. You'll be inclined to agree, as it seems to fall under the "too weird to be fake" category. If you don't want to watch the embedded video included above (which is strongly suggested --- it's always nice to get a reminder that Bryan Cranston is, first and foremost, still a funnyman and not actually a sociopath), the letter's text is below:

"Dear Bryan Cranston, Let me preface this letter by saying I have a master's degree in psychology and I have never been diagnosed with any psychotic disorder." As Cranston agrees with Conan: this seems like the best way to begin a personal address. "'I have never been diagnosed with any psychotic disorder.' No one's caught me yet!" Cranston exclaims.

Continuing to read the letter, the author explains that she binged through the series in a hurry and went on to watch interviews with Cranston and Paul. "And what this has all amounted to is that, right now, I am fantasizing about having sex … with Aaron Paul." To which Paul, seated next to Cranston, cheered.

And that's when it started to get weird: "And for you to be there watching," Cranston reads. "I am not sure what your role would be. But I think I want you there." The letter's author concludes, "C'mon! It would be fun."

While a number of television viewers are finding themselves strangely fixated on Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston, and the show's final episodes, most fans are not exactly taking their "excitement" to quite this level. Or are they? How far has your Breaking Bad fever gone?

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]