Justin Bieber Singapore: Near Legendary Levels Of Low Pants Riding [Video]

Justin Bieber’s liking for wearing his pants low may have reached record levels of sagginess while performing at the first ever closing party of the Singapore Formula One Grand Prix on Monday night.

The 19-year-old, known for his drop-crotch pants style, gave the 12-000 strong screaming crowd — most of them females — more than they bargained for toward the end of his show.

Going shirtless at the end of a 90 minute hit-packed set, Justin exposed an almost full moon of his white briefs to frenzied fans as his black leather pants teetered around his hips.

As yet, however, there appear to be no complaints from fans.

Channel News Asia reports the Singapore crowd chanted the teen singer’s name after an on-time, drama-free, high-octane main show, adding:

“The US heartthrob saved the best for last, stripping off his singlet for the concert’s finale – an energetic performance of his signature tune ‘Baby,’ complete with even more pelvic thrusts and flirtatious looks.”

The outlet continued: “But the most interesting question is why he chose to wear low-riding, super baggy pants, which required his constant attention to keep from slipping off and had exposed his unflattering white briefs, during the closing moments of the show. That is perhaps the evening’s biggest mystery.”

Fans on Twitter also pondered that question, though more boisterously.

One wrote: “I couldn’t decide whether to help you pull your pants up or down!”

While another expressed a desire to see even more of Bieber,

“YOUR PANTS SHOULDVE JUST dropped c’mon babe they were so f*****g low why didn’t it drop.”

Media reviews didn’t only comment on Justin’s ability to disrobe at will. The pop star’s dancing and ability to engage in a more adult, relaxed manner with the audience were also noted.

After Singapore, Justin is set to perform at the Bangkok, Thailand’s Challenger Hall on September 26. A string of Asia dates including Beijing, Shanghai, and Korea follow, where its rumored native superstars Psy and Big Bang’s G-Dragon may join him onstage.

In October, amid a fresh, solo music release from the teen singer, the tour jumps to Latin America, New Zealand and Australia with the 15-month trek wrapping on December 8 in Perth.

Bieber’s movie-docu Believe is expected to hit theaters between Christmas and the New Year.

[Image via Just Jared]