Miley Cyrus Cries In Pasties, Twerks, Loses It At IHeartRadio Show [Video]

It seems Miley Cyrus is hellbent on convincing us her VMAs wildness is the new Hannah Montana norm, as the star followed up her “Blurred Lines” twerkfest and “Wrecking Ball” sledgehammer licking with another, equally overtly wild, and raunchy appearance.

Yes, sexy Miley Cyrus is here to stay — and the star donned a dress made of very, very loosely woven fishnet over pasties at the IHeartRadio fete in Vegas this weekend. (A weave so wide that most fish would not actually be entrapped within its mesh.)

Cyrus donned skimpy black pasties under a bright white netted “dress” and a fur collar as she became emotional at the Saturday night gig. Speaking about her “Wrecking Ball” performance that evening, Miley teared up as she spoke to fans about “things [she’s] doing that’s getting [her] into trouble and it’s just [her] doing what [her] heart and soul is telling [her] what to do.”

Apparently, Miley Cyrus’ heart and soul are telling her that pasties under fishnet is the way to go. But “stick a big fur collar on it,” her soul added.

Of her push to get “Wrecking Ball” to the top of the charts, Miley says she “couldn’t have done it without all you guys.”

The video for the track broke the record for the most Vevo views in 24 hours when it was released earlier this month.

In a separate European appearance, Miley Cyrus told an interviewer:

“I’m on such a platform where I can speak to so many people and I think it’s important to send a message to my audience… Be who you are, do what you do, be who you want to be, live your life and don’t worry about what people have to say about it.”

Watch above as Miley Cyrus shows off her fishnet frock and tears up during “Wrecking Ball.”