Anna Faris Tones Up With Help Of Son’s ‘Huge Head’

If you look closely at Anna Faris, you might notice a set of newly toned arms. The first-time mom says those arms are the product of carrying around a son with a “huge head.”

Faris explains her new workout routine to PEOPLE:

“My arms have never been toned before and now they are because he’s huge. He’s got a huge head, a huge body. He’s like 60 pounds.”

Faris gave birth to Jack 13 months ago and she reports that he’s “so active” and a “healthy sized toddler.”

Weight is a big talking point in the Faris household. Speaking about husband Chris Pratt, the actress says she wants some of his weight to come back.

“It’s so annoying,” she said. “I can’t wait for him to come back from shooting. I do [miss his old size] a little bit.” Faris adds:

“We both love to eat and drink, so I’m sure [the weight won’t stay off]. You have to live life sometimes, you know?”

She also took some time with CBS News this week to talk about her “complex” role on the new series Mom.

“I just love the complexity,” Faris said. “In a lot of the films that I’ve done, I feel like I’ve played…oh…a very simple character.”

Anna Faris has racked up an impressive resume for herself. The actress has appeared in Scary Movie and its sequels, House Bunny, Lost in Translation, Mama’s Boy, My Super Ex-Girlfriend and The Dictator.

Faris is no stranger to TV series, with guest appearances on Friends and Entourage.

When asked why she was attracted to the Mom role, Faris adds:

“I loved the dimension of the character. I loved how flawed she was I love that has such a specific journey and struggle — that she had made so many mistakes in her past and was now sort of turning her life around, [trying to] be more generous with her children and provide for them. I loved starting from that place when she still feels very guilty.”

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