Powerball Winner Decides To Remain Anonymous In South Carolina

A Powerball winner who claimed a $400 million prize in South Carolina has decided to remain anonymous.

The winner, from Colombia, claimed his prize on Monday. In South Carolina, Powerball winners are not required to divulge their identity.

The winning ticket was sold at the Murphy Express gas station. The man’s wife sent him to the store and asked him to buy hot dog buns. Murphy Express doesn’t sell buns, so he bought $20 in lottery tickets instead.

Lottery officials have not revealed if the man chose the $399.4 million payout over 30 years or the direct cash option valued at $233 million before taxes.

Playing off the news that one of their customers won the huge payday, a new Murphy’s billboard reads:

“Feeling lucky? Shop at Murphys. Feeling hungry? Come on in!” “Hey Powerball winner, have you tried our pepper-coated bacon?”

The Powerball winner chose a “quick pick” which pushed out the numbers 7-10-22-32-35, with the Powerball of 19.

$399.4 million is the largest Powerball ticket winner ever sold in South Carolina.

With the economy puttering along, there has been no lack of massive Powerball jackpots. In May, a woman in Florida claimed a $590 million jackpot, the largest in US history.

Store manager Keith Wedmore says the convenience store had no lack of customers on Wednesday, as people from in-state and out-of-state flocked to the Powerball machine.

The chance of winning a massive Powerball jackpot is very low, but quite a few millionaires have been named in 2013.

Would you take the one-time payout or 30 years worth of payments if you were the $399.4 million Powerball winner?