‘Gravity’ Featurette Focuses On Director Alfonso Cuaron’s Use Of 3D

A new Gravity featurette has made it’s debut and it focuses on the masterful use of 3D technology by director Alfonso Cuaron.

The lost in space odyssey, stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, the unusual casting of only two actors in the main roles.

Bullock plays a novice in space, but not in the field of medicine, Dr. Ryan Stone, a medical engineer is on her first space voyage along with veteran Shuttle commander Matt Kowalsky, on his last trip before retiring, played by Clooney.

During a routine spacewalk to repair the outside of the Shuttle, they are hit by space debris, which leaves them stranded.

Too often these days, 3D technology is used gratuitously, not in this case. The use of this advance in film, really puts the viewer in a zero gravity situation.

With Gravity, the 3D works. It really does.

“From the minute you start watching this film, you can’t breathe,” Bullock says in the featurette. “We’re in zero gravity, so you have this weird slow motion, you can’t control things as things are ripping by you. So with that 3D aspect of it, it’s as though you’re in the same peril they are.”

Sandra Bullock plays the role of her career in this film and is already being talked about as a strong Oscar contender for Best Actress among other awards.

She is the center of the story, being the novice, it’s all about making sure she is brought back to safety. The terror is palpable and Bullock conveys the desperation and uncertainty of the position she finds herself in perfectly.

Many critics suggest that Cuaron’s use of 3D technology is what will make the audience feel like they’re actually in space, floating away uncontrollably. Gravity opens in theaters on October 4.