Left Field Design Attempts To Re-Invent The Wallet

Wallets are one of the few products that have remained relatively untouched over the past few decades. Even though they come in all different shapes and sizes, the wallet itself does not change a whole lot.

Left Field Design is trying to finally make that change with its Wallet and Key Organizer. The project, which is currently receiving funding via Kickstarter has garnered a bit of attention and nearly $5,000 with 25 days to go.

The product itself is metallic (or black) and allows users to hold up to six keys along with credit cards and other IDs. In reality, there are actually multiple products.

First off, Left Field Design has the KeyCase which will hold up to six keys in an area about the size of a credit card. Then there is the CardClip which can hold credit cards, cash, and other IDs.

Combining both products into one is the KeyClip, which offers all of the functionality of the KeyCase and CardClip but in one small product.

Along with the actual key and money holding, the KeyClip also supports a USB drive for people that frequently access files on-the-go.

Even with 25 days to go, Left Field Design may not be able to raise the $9,500 necessary to make the project a success. That being said, funding appears to be coming in on a consistent basis.

Richard Singer, the founder of Left Field Design, previously worked on another Kickstarter project called the ODOC, an iPhone dock. Although the project was unsuccessful in the end, it was able to raise more than $18,000 while it was still up for funding.

No matter how small the innovation may seem, it is nice to see smaller projects such as the KeyClip come out and try to get funding via KickStarter.

If you are interested in helping out Left Field Design and the KeyClip, or simply want to learn more about the project, check it out HERE.