Vegetarian Starts Eating Meat, Gives Birth To Triplets

A lifelong vegetarian who tried for 10 years to get pregnant began eating meat and wound up having triplets.

Her daily diet apparently included Sausage McMuffins.

UK resident Laura Dixon, 34, was unsuccessful for a decade trying to get pregnant naturally, so she and her husband turned to in vitro fertilization. She suffered a miscarriage on her second IVF cycle after the first cycle was abandoned.

The third time was the charm, fortunately, a development which also prompted her to radically change her dietary practices to include serious meat intake.

According to, “When [Dixon] became pregnant during her final round of IVF, she was warned she had a high risk of another miscarriage or a dangerously early labor. So she started eating three portions of meat a day to increase her intake of iron, vitamin B12 and protein to improve her chances of a healthy pregnancy. Mrs Dixon, who had never eaten meat, tucked into chicken, bacon and sausages every day and at 35 weeks gave birth to identical boys Max and Mason and daughter Mia.”

The Toronto Sun reports that the mom believes a diet heavy on meat contributed to a successful outcome: “It all seems like a blur now. I just remember the cravings were so strong that I would wake up in the night and make my husband go and get me a McDonald’s. Eating meat definitely helped me get all the protein you need when you’re pregnant. I think it could be one of the reasons I managed to carry all three to full term.”

Despite never having eaten meat, Dixon said she began craving it and ate about six meals a day.

The triplets, who were delivered by Caesarean section, are now 14 months old and doing fine. The outcome is perhaps even more remarkable in that Dixon had reportedly been diagnosed with endometriosis and cysts on her ovaries, which convinced doctors that she would never be able to have children.

She is now back to being a vegetarian however.