10-Year-Old Girl Shot In Buttocks, Parents Mistake It For Period

The parents of a 10-year-old girl who was shot in the buttocks mistook her wound for a period.

Police have confirmed that the couple, who hail from Northern California, decided not to report the incident, call police or an ambulance for over five hours because they misdiagnosed her injury.

The girl gathered the trauma at around 2 am on Thursday morning. Sgt. Mark Ormsby confirmed on Friday that it occurred as she slept in her bed when a stray bullet crashed into her bedroom, and then her body, which had been shot during a drive-by shooting nearby.

The young girl then woke up writhing in pain, and when her parents came to inspect her they found blood in her underwear but no sign of a gunshot wound.

They hadn’t heard the gunshots, and, at that time, they were relieved to find that their little girl’s squeals of anguish weren’t for more serious reasons.

According to police, the duo came to the conclusion that she had simply started her period and then informed her to go back to sleep, while also downplaying her concerns.

However, when the 10-year-old woke up again in the morning to get ready for school and insisted that she was still in pain, her parents’ concern grew.

This lead the girl’s mother and father to inspect her bed, where they were shocked to find bullet holes, and they then conducted a “full body inspection” where they found a small bullet entry wound. This lead them to immediately take her to hospital.

Lieutenant Mark Stuart, a Northern California police officer, has confirmed that the girl remains in hospital but he’s confirmed that she is in a stable condition.

Police admitted that there wasn’t a motive for the shooting, and they haven’t yet made an arrest in connection to crime.

[Image via mashurov/Shutterstock]