College Football Team Bus Destroyed By Fire, Game Canceled

Concordia College didn’t make it to their encounter with Miles College on Saturday after their team bus exploded en route and was then destroyed because of the damage.

The team took two buses to the encounter, and the second bus’ problems started after a tire blew out. When the driver attempted to pull over to solve the issue another tire then blew out too, which started a fire in the rear of the automobile.

Don Lee, the Concordia College Alabama coach, was on the first bus at the time, and he only learned of the tragedy when passengers on the second automobile started to ring him profusely.

Lee has since told Yahoo Sports, “We had about 56 or 57 people on that bus. When we didn’t see it, we got to a stop sign and turned around. We got to the bus and pulled everyone off.”

He then continued, “About 5 or 10 minutes after that, after we had gotten everyone to safety, the bus blew up. I mean blew up. We were just so blessed that we got everyone out safely.”

No one was injured in the fire, however all of the team’s equipment was destroyed, and they were also forced to cancel their game later in the day.

Lee was disconsolate about their loss, stating, “You know, we’re a small school and we only had one uniform; it’s gone. Pads, kicking nets, everything is gone. We practiced at 5:30 this morning, everybody showed up, and we were in tennis shoes and shorts and we just went over technique.”

Concordia have a game on Thursday evening, however Morgan Academy, a private school, has decided to loan the team a kit, but they still don’t posses various other integral pieces of equipment.

You can check out a picture of the gutted school bus below:

[Image via Twitter]