Baltimore Ravens’ Jacoby Jones Injured By Stripper While Partying On Team Bus

Jacoby Jones, a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, was allegedly injured during a party on the team bus early on Monday morning.

Jones was apparently boogying with Bryant McKinnie, a fellow Ravens player, as well as a stripper by the name of Sweet Pea when he was hit over the head with a “gigantic Ace of Spades bottle” by Ms Pea. The bus was apparently inhabited with dozens of other Ravens players too, as it was McKinnie’s birthday.

The reason why Sweet Pea hit Jones over the head hasn’t been released, but it has been confirmed that the incident occurred at 3 am and no arrests were made.

An ambulance was then called, and it has been confirmed that paramedics attended to “a bleeding male,” as Jones was bleeding profusely. He was stitched there and then, and wasn’t taken to hospital.

Metropolitan Police Department have since confirmed, “police were flagged down Monday morning shortly before 3 a.m. for an altercation that was occurring at 15th and I Street NW. The complainant who was injured, indicated that he did not know how he obtained the injury. The complainant refused medical treatment on the scene and refused to go to the hospital.”

John Harbaugh, the coach of the Baltimore Ravens, was quizzed on Monday afternoon about the incident.

He responded by noting that he was “not very impressed personally, with the report. It’s not something we want to be know for.”

Mr Harbaugh confirmed that, alongside various other members of the team, he had a quiet word with Jones. However, he insists that Jones is now fine and that he took part in various training exercises today.

On Sunday afternoon, Baltimore Ravens beat Houston Texans 30-9, however Jones didn’t participate in the encounter as he was still recovering from a sprained ankle that he gathered in the Super Bowl champion’s week 1 loss to the Denver Broncos.

[Image via AJ Guel/Wikimedia]