Assassins Murder Man Who Hired Them To Kill Incestuous Sister

Gregory Wakeman

A group of criminals hired by a man to kill his sister murdered him instead, according to police.

The body of 30-year-old Samar Das was found on a railway track earlier this month in the Indian district of Angul, Odisha. Officers have since arrested three of the four men believed to have been involved in the incident.

The criminals hired to commit the murder have since made their confessions in various statements to the police, after they were arrested yesterday.

Officers have confirmed that Das hired the four assassins to murder his sister, 35-year-old Namita Das.

Samar looked to have his sister killed because she had embarked in a relationship with their brother, Abhimanyu Das.

Subha Narayana Muduli, the police inspector in charage of the investigation admitted, "The three arrested persons have confessed to their crime. However, the prime accused in the case is absconding."

Another official noted, "On September 7, they asked Samar to come to a desolate place near a railway track with they money, saying that they had killed his sister. When he reached there, they murdered him, put his body on the track and took his money."

Allegedly, Samar had made a deal with the assassins to kill Namita, who had also given birth to Abhimanyu's child, for Rs. 3 lakh. They then made two attempts to murder her, but failed on each occasion.

Samar started to become more and more agitated though the longer the murder wasn't committed, so in desperation they told him that they'd already killed her.

They lured him to the scene of his death under the illusion that he would find his dead sister's body. But when he arrived on his motorcycle the four assassins murdered him instead by hacking him to death before fleeing the scene.

They also stole Rs. 52,000 from Samar before they killed him.

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