Hillary Clinton 2016: Huma May Have to Dump Weiner

Key Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin reportedly may have to dump husband Anthony Weiner to remain in the so-called “Clinton bubble” according to a published account.

Disgraced former Congressman Weiner, a.k.a. Carlos Danger, crashed and burned in his attempt to run for New York City mayor. After it turned out that the former Democrat lawmaker was still sexting other women, Abedin no longer accompanied her spouse on the mayoral campaign trail.

As far as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential ambitions, Abedin supposedly might have to chose the campaign over her marriage, according to information included in a long profile of the former US Secretary of State in New York Magazine. The article claims that the sexting scandal blindsided the Clintons, thereby “greatly complicating Abedin’s future with the Clintons,” and is “the biggest question among Hillary’s circle…”

With Weiner’s ignominious loss and parting bird-flip, ‘Huma has a choice to make,’ says a close associate of hers. “‘Does she go with Anthony, or does she go with Hillary?’ Leaving the Clinton bubble is almost unimaginable for those who’ve grown up in it. According to a person familiar with the conversations, Abedin has struggled to reconcile her marriage to Weiner with her role as Clinton’s top aide, traumatized by the prospect of leaving her boss’s inner circle.”

Hillary Clinton hasn’t officially decided whether she will run for president for the Democrats, but most political observers including the media seem to think it’s a foregone conclusion. You may recall that in 2008, most of the media (normally her natural cheerleaders) demanded that she drop out of the primary campaign — despite reeling off win after win — to make way for Barack Obama.

Huma Abedin has worked for Hillary Clinton since 1996. Most recently Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department, she currently runs Clinton’s transition office. The magazine explains that “In the midst of her husband’s scandal, Abedin stepped down from her full-time job for a consulting contract and moved back to New York to take work with Teneo Holdings, a consulting firm and investment bank run by Bill Clinton’s longtime consigliere, Doug Band. This gave Hillary cover while also keeping Abedin plugged in. ‘It’s business as usual,’ says a Clinton insider. ‘Keep your circle of advisers small, and then you structure things in a way that makes it economically possible for your close advisers to sustain themselves.”

Congress is apparently looking into Abedin’s moonlighting work as a consultant while still a federal government employee to determine if it was a conflict of interest.

Do you think that the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign (if there is one) will play a role in the Huma Abedin-Anthony Weiner marriage?