NFL Player Rashad Johnson Lost Finger Tip During Game

Rashad Johnson, the safety for the Arizona Cardinals, lost the tip of his finger on Sunday during his side’s encounter with New Orleans Saints.

However, despite the severity of Johnson’s injury, which was just above the knuckle of his left middle finger, he only realised how bad it was once at half time when he pulled off his glove and found his fingertip inside.

Johnson underwent surgery on his finger on Sunday night, with doctors shaving down the bone inside the digit. This means that he avoided infection. Currently, there are no plans to reattach the finger back to his hand, and Arizona Cardinals have confirmed that Johnson will be away from action for several weeks while he recuperates.

However, Bruce Arians, the coach of the Cardinals, admits that Johnson can play against Tampa Bay on Sunday, if he feels up to it.

Arians noted on Monday, “It’s day to day. It’s just a matter of pain tolerance.”

Johnson is pretty sure that the injury occurred moments before halftime on Sunday. He believes that it took place during a punt return from Darren Sproles, of the New Orleans Saints.

He still isn’t exactly sure how he managed to lose the tip of his finger though, and he has confirmed that he will re-watch the game over the next 24 hours to try and figure it out. Johnson admitted that during the game he looked down and saw blood streaming out of his glove after the punt.

Johnson responded to a tweet earlier today, when quizzed about his injury:

Cardinals lost the game, 31-7, and Johnson made three tackles before receiving his injury.

[Image via Pete Saloutos/Shutterstock]