‘Shocktoberfest’ Nude Haunted House Challenge In Pennsylvania

The “Shocktoberfest” nude haunted house challenge in Pennsylvania asks customers if they’re afraid to go through naked.

Most of us have done the haunted house events in our local towns and such, and the luckier ones have been through the Haunted Mansion at one of the Walt Disney resorts. However, few of them have offered a challenge like the one offered by an event in Pennsylvania.

Haunted house events usually just keep the lights low and display the usual array of horror props and characters in dim lighting or some other unsettling show meant to disturb and entertain. Some of the higher-end shows include holograms and animatronics lit in eery colors like dark red and green, with the occasional flash of light accompanied by a crack of recorded thunder.

The Pennsylvania “Shocktoberfest” event challenges customers to shed their clothes and go through the haunted house completely nude. The shockingly innovative idea, which will run customers $20, was inspired by the Discovery Channel‘s reality show Naked and Afraid, hence the name of their own challenge, “Naked and Scared.” The challenge only begins after midnight when the rest of the park is shut down for the night.

The rules for the “Shocktoberfest” nude haunted house challenge are that you have the option to go in completely in your birthday suit or wearing only your underwear. All participants must be 18 or older and sign a waiver, the undressing happens in a semi-private building before entering the haunted house, and no one outside the event will see you go through it.

Additional rules state that you must adhere to the behavioral guidelines, allowing for no rudeness or misconduct, and yes, no sex. The hosts are expecting the guests to keep such naked shenanigans restricted to their own homes or where legally able.

You have probably never experienced anything like the “Shocktoberfest” nude haunted house challenge in Pennsylvania.