2010 Houston Texans season in review

You guessed it, yet another 6-10 NFL team. I cannot believe how many teams finished the 2010 season at 6-10. This is probably the most disappointing team I will review this year. After two straight years of taking steps forward, this team took a giant step back in 2010. Many of us though that they would be a legit playoff contender, but after a 2-8 finish to the season following their bye week the Texans were left to ask what happened.

The offense was and still is very good. On average they scored 24.4 points per game, and 390 points on the year. That was good enough for ninth among the 32 NFL teams. QB Matt Schaub completed 63% of his passes for 4,370 yards. He threw for 24 TD’s and had just 12 INT’s. The running attack averaged 127 rushing yards per game. Those are great numbers but the O line did allow 32 sacks, that is a little on the high side.

The defense is what ails this team. They gave up 427 points on the year and gave up 26.7 points per game on average. They allowed opposing teams to average 281 passing yards per game, and 109 yards on the ground. That indicates that this secondary needs a ton of work and a big infusion of talent. They were even in take away differential, but that is negative in my eyes as the offense did not cough up the ball that much and they came up with 30 sacks.

When we look at it the team has one major flaw, the defensive secondary, and that should be where they focus their attention. They have already helped the defense by hiring Wade Phillips to be their Defensive Coordinator. Now they can use the draft to add talent to their secondary and be a legit threat for the 2012 NFL playoffs.

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