Baltimore Orioles to raise ticket prices

In reading about this I came across a great comment, so Adam this one is for you. The new theme of the Baltimore Orioles should be come and pay to see the American League East. This is completely ridiculous, that a team as bad as the Orioles have been have the nerve to raise prices in a terrible economy when going to the ballpark already costs too much. Sure they Orioles are going to play a lot of great Al east teams, and their owner (one of the worst in pro sports by the way) is going to gouge them to do so.

Every single game ticket that are not located in the crap seats at Camden Yards is having their price inflated. Anywhere from a dollar to eight depending on the competitor. It is a money grab from an owner who clearly doesn’t get it. Instead of building his team into a winner, which the fans would love and support with their money, he’ll take the easy way out and charge folks to see good baseball teams from other cities.

The Orioles were 24th in attendance last year, and averaged 21,662 fans per home game. That is pretty bad, and the best way to fix it would to be improve his team. That would be good for Baltimore, good for baseball as a whole, but no far too often sports teams owners do stuff like this and really stick it to their fans.

While I understand that sports is a business and Peter Angelos is trying to make money, but he should not be rewarded for mediocrity. That is not the American way, and far too often baseball guys do stuff just like this.

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