Kenya Hostages: American Terrorists Responsible For Attacks?

The Kenya hostage crisis may involve American terrorists responsible for the attacks.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Samantha Lewthwaite is an alleged British terrorist involved in the Kenya hostage crisis.

The Kenyan hostages continued to be held by terrorists, with extended gunfire and several large explosions being reported this morning at a mall taken over by the terrorists. 175 people outside of the Kenyan hostages have been injured in the terrorist attack.

The Kenya terrorist attack was apparently planned by a Muslim group calling itself al-Shabaab, which translates to “movement of warrior youth.” They came armed with automatic rifles and grenades, ready for a long siege.

al-Shabaab is using Twitter to talk to the world and they’ve already announced they won’t “negotiate with the Kenyan government as long as its forces are invading” the country of Somali. The idea that the Kenya hostage takers are American terrorists actually came from the terrorists themselves.

Talking via Twitter, the American terrorists said two of them came “from the St. Paul-Minneapolis community in Minnesota.” This claim apparently makes sense since the Somali population in that area is the second largest in the world. One comes from Kansas and several others from Canada, Finland, and England. The terrorists were clearly racist in their beliefs, as they openly said they only wanted to kill Kenyans, Americans, and non-Muslims in general in retaliation “for the lives of innocent Muslims” killed by Kenyan forces.

Outside of the American terrorists, several other Americans were part of the Kenya hostage crisis, with two being wounded in the attack. A Canadian diplomat and three British citizens were killed, as well.

The FBI is currently investigating the claims of American terrorists being part of the Kenya hostage crisis.