Cornell Hazing Details Released After Lacrosse Suspension

Cornell hazing allegations that led to the suspension of the university's men's lacrosse team have been detailed in a new report.

After the Cornell hazing related temporary suspension of the team, the Ivy League school released findings on allegations of the banned ritual on their website.

Cornell University has a page dedicated to hazing prevention at, where the university admits that "hazing is a hidden and serious problem that undermines the value of [collegiate] experiences for many individuals. Adding that "hazing is not unique to Cornell," the university pledges to "examine these practices explicitly in an attempt to overcome the secrecy that perpetuates them."

The site carries a report on the Cornell hazing allegations that prompted the punishment, citing an investigation that "revealed the presence of a culture within this group of treating new members as less than equals."

The report continues:

"The freshmen were expected to perform menial tasks, including chores and other duties that went above and beyond those expected of the general membership. Additionally, they were expected to spend a large amount of time with the other members in both lacrosse-related and social situations planned by upperclass members of the team."

Drinking was also involved, as is common in incidents of hazing on college campuses, and the activity has caused some of the deaths associated with the practice:

"At one such social gathering, upperclass team members organized a 'keg race' in which underage freshmen members, aided by seniors, were challenged to drink a large amount of alcohol (beer) in a competition against other team members. The freshmen were told to stand in a circle and were tied together with string that was passed through their belt loops. They consumed a large quantity of alcohol to the point at which multiple members vomited."

The Cornell hazing investigation led to a full-season suspension for the men's lacrosse team, along with mandatory hazing awareness education for team members.