Chicago Park Shooting Leads To Two Arrests

The Chicago park shooting has led to two arrests.

After a gunman opened fire on a Cornell Square Park basketball court, 13 people were wounded, and as of Sunday morning two men have been taken into custody. One of the men was identified as the shooter, and the other as the one helping him. No charges have been filed as of yet, but the investigation is far from over.

The two men were discovered in an abandoned building on the 5200 block of South Marshfield Avenue, and were processed this morning. Police plan to bring the suspects to Area Central police headquarters.

Detectives have been interviewing some people of interest, about whom the police department is declining to release details. Police spokesman Adam Collins says the investigation is ongoing, so it's too early to release said details.

The youngest victim of the Chicago park shooting that led to two arrests, Deonta Howard, 3, is said to now be walking, talking, and eating. His grandmother Semehca Nunn says he is recovering from the attack. Her fiancee Curtis Harris was shot in the thigh and released the following morning, but young Deonta was shot in the face, the bullet exiting through his cheek, and plastic surgery will be required. Doctors are waiting for his jaw bone to heal before beginning the procedure.

Semehca Nunn told reporters that her grandson looks better today than she thought he would, and one of the first things Deonta Howard asked for were his new Nike shoes, which she put on him, before he proceeded to walk around.

Nobody was reportedly killed in the Chicago park shooting, much to Semehca Nunn's surprise, who says she's just happy the gunman and his accomplice are off the streets and can't hurt anybody else. She never received a phone call, but she saw their apprehension on the local news. Reuters reports that there were four deaths, so it's not clear where the truth lies.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said the gun used in the Chicago park attack that led to two arrests was a military grade weapon, and this may have implications all its own.

[image via New York Post]