September 30, 2013
Sarah Silverman's $60 Emmy Awards Dress Now Costs $162

Most actors and actresses walk the red carpet in a designer suit or gown (I'm looking at your Sofia Vergara) but Sarah Silverman decided to go a different route. The comedian walked the red carpet last night in a $60 dress.

Silverman looked great in her little black dress at the Emmy Awards and it didn't cost her a fortune either.

The actress told Ryan Seacrest: "I bought it online for $60 but doesn't it look just as good as anything fancy and expensive."

Silverman said that she got the dress from the website Stop Staring.

The website describes the dress, writing: "One of the sexiest Stop Staring! dresses yet! The Sexy Safari dress in black leather will make you feel like the ultimate predator in search of prey! Made of a foiled, stretchy, leather-like fabric, your man won't be able to keep his hands off of you!"

Silverman claims that the dress cost $60 but the Stop Staring website now has it listed at $162. So either Silverman fibbed about the price of the dress or Stop Staring decided to take advantage of a little free publicity.

sarah silverman

Yahoo TV notes that some stars were wearing slightly more expensive outfits at the Emmy Awards last night. Sofia Vergara, for instance, was wearing a Vera Wang dress. She was also blinged out with more than $7 million in Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

What did you think of Sarah Silverman's Emmy Awards dress?

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