TSA Gambling Ring Discovery Ends In Firings, Suspensions

The discovery of a TSA gambling ring at Pittsburgh International Airport has led to dozens of employees being suspended and fired. The finding came after several months of investigations and careful examination of hundreds of TSA workers.

What exactly where TSA agents gambling on in their illegal ring? Big sports events, including the World Series, the NCAA Final Four, and the Stanley Cup. Despite clear restrictions against betting and gambling, a number of TSA employees set up office betting pools that ran for most of the year, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

TSA authorities, however, say that a large amount of money did not change hands. The TSA also says that they will not file any criminal charges against any of the employees involved. Those running the rings did make a little money on the side from taking bets. Five agents found responsible for organizing the TSA gambling rings face termination.

In addition, 47 employees are now on suspension varying from three to 14 days, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. Another 10 were given official letters of reprimand. Employees who feel they have been unjustly punished can make an appeal.

A spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration says that the gambling rings did not disrupt or compromise airport security. The activities are formally described as “extracurricular.” However, as all new TSA agents are told, gambling on the job and on the premises is completely forbidden, and violators will put their jobs at risk.

Many of the agents facing punishment belong to the American Federation of Government Employees. President of Local 332, Kimberly Kraynak-Lambert, says there are plans to appeal every punishment. She says that the claims about a TSA gambling ring are both over-exaggerated and absurd.

[Image via John Marino / Wikimedia Commons]