iPhone 5S Sales Projections Break Records Despite Critical Reviews

iPhone 5S sales projections have beaten records despite many critics claiming Apple lacked innovation this time around.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Steve Jobs time capsule was lost for 30 years.

Apparently, at the time the capsule was buried Steve Jobs was making future predictions about devices that eventually became known as the iPhone and iPad. So when people say Steve Jobs was the primary innovator and forward-thinker for Apple, they are not overestimating that claim. Steve Jobs’ iPhone design might not have been the first smartphone, but he was the first to make the smartphone useful for everyone.

When we looked at various iPhone 5S reviews before the launch date everyone seemed to think the iPhone 5S compared to the iPhone 5 left many things lacking. If anything, the Apple iPhone 6 rumors portrayed the smartphone everyone hoped the iPhone 5S would be. But that didn’t prevent the iPhone 5S from selling out, with the gold editions becoming rare within hours of the launch.

The iPhone 5S is outselling the iPhone 5C by three times. iPhone 5S sales boast over nine million smartphones sold over the last few days and iOS7 has been downloaded over 200 million times (which led to fixable iOS 7 download problems). The stock markets are reacting to the news about iPhone 5S sales projections by shooting Apple’s stock up by six percent. Apple iPhone 5S sales projections increase revenue estimations to $36 to $37 billion for the quarter.

Are you surprised iPhone 5S sales projections broke records?