December 8, 2017
Kevin Spacey Swats Camera At Emmys

Kevin Spacey got a little annoyed with a cameraman at the Emmys. As the camera pulled in for a close-up, the House of Cards actor swatted the camera with a piece of paper.

Spacey was attending the awards show as a nominee for Best Actor in a Dramatic Role. The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco was on stage, introducing a montage for actors and actresses who passed away.

As the camera focused on Spacey, he smacked the camera. He looked incredibly annoyed with the intrusion.

As reported by The Telegraph, Kevin Spacey's evening only got worse. The award for Best Actor went to Jeff Daniels for his role in the HBO series The Newsroom.

Daniels beat out Spacey for his role in House of Cards and Brian Cranston for his role in Breaking Bad.

Although Spacey did not win, House of Cards director David Fincher won as Best Director. The win was a breakthrough for Netflix.

Most of the awards went to programs broadcast on traditional cable channels. However, House of Cards was broadcast exclusively to Netflix users.

As reported by IMDB, the first season was released on February 1. All 13 episodes debuted at the same time, leading to epic binge watching called "marathoning."

Spacey portrays Congressman Francis (Frank) Underwood. Frank is a master manipulator who values winning above all else. His cold, precise, manner is as brilliant as it is cruel.

Kevin Spacey is joined a fantastic cast, including Robin Wright, Michael Kelly, Kristen Connolly, and Kate Mara.

The unique format and talented cast led to a total of 12 Emmy Award nominations.

Kevin Spacey Camera Swat
House of Cards is expected to return for a second season early next year. The first season is currently available exclusively on Netflix.

Kevin Spacey obviously had a bad night at the Emmys. However, he remains a strong, talented, and well-respected performer.

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