Oscar De La Hoya Coke Binge Photos Now For Sale

Oscar De La Hoya photos are being shopped around, and they feature the former boxer as he allegedly snorts cocaine during a recent drug-induced binge.

The famed boxer just entered rehab to deal with his massive drug program and womanizing.

De La Hoya is now a boxing promoter but decided to enter rehab just days before the Mayweather-Canelo bout. De La Hoya is Canelo’s promoter.

According to reports, the cocaine binge photos were captured in a Las Vegas hotel room. The De La Hoya photos were allegedly taken just weeks before the former boxing champ announced his plans to enter a rehabilitation facility.

In the photos, Oscar is using a rolled up bill to snort lines of white powder off a plate.

The seller claims the substance is cocaine, although that fact has not been confirmed.

In another pic, the seller says De La Hoya is leaning back from the table and grinning.

Many critics have questioned why Oscar De La Hoya would enter rehab just four days before the biggest promotional fight of his post-boxing career. If he really was snorting lines of cocaine off a Las Vegas hotel room table, that might explain his immediate actions.

It has been reported that Oscar was being reckless on the night in question, which ultimately led him to re-evaluate his life and enter rehab.

A rep for Oscar De La Hoya says they are aware of the photos.

Do you think exploiting the famed boxer during a low-point in his life is wrong?