Ed Reed Receives Warm Welcome From Ravens Fans

Ed Reed might be on the roster of the Houston Texans, but you wouldn’t know it during his return to Baltimore.

As Reed took to the field on Sunday, his former teams’ fans chanted “Ed Reed! Ed Reed!” and one Ravens fan added, “Hey, Ed Reed: You’re on the wrong team now.”

After the Texans lost to the Ravens in a 30-9 sleeper, Reed remained on the field as one of the most popular players in the stadium. Talking to members of the press, Reed proclaimed: “It was awesome. When I first ran out, the whole stadium yelled my name. There was so much love and memories that I have here in this city – it’s like my family. It’s something you cherish as a player. Not everybody gets that welcome.”

Looking to the sidelines after the game, Ed Reed saw a 43-year-old man sitting a computerized wheelchair. That man was none other than O.J. Brigance, the former Ravens player diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a motor neuron disease that is eventually fatal

“He knew I was coming through there. That’s why he came,” Reed said. “I emailed him this week. It was a quick catch-up, man. I told him I love him. He told me the same thing.”

Brigance is now Director of Player Development for the Ravens.

Joking about their meeting, Ed Reed said: “O.J.’s my uncle, man. He calls me uncle Ed because I’m so old.”

The Houston Texans are only the second team that Ed Reed has played for during his brilliant 12-year NFL career.

The day Reed joined the Texans, he reached out to O.J. Brigance. According to Reed:

“O.J. was the start of my professionalism in this league, man. And it’s awesome to see him. Awesome.”

Are you impressed with the warm welcome Baltimore Ravens fans gave to Ed Reed?