Oregon Man Kills 83-Year-Old Wife For Screwing On Ketchup Lid Too Tight

Addam Corré

An 86-year-old man is on trial in Oregon for allegedly killing his wife by shooting her in the neck and head.

According to the MailOnline, Lawrence Loeffler shot his wife, 83-year-old Betty Loeffler after an argument erupted over the fact that she screwed the lid on the ketchup bottle too tight.

Prosecutors said that the suspect has a long list of grievances including the ketchup lid. He was also extremely upset that his stepdaughter forgot to wish him a happy 86th birthday.

Loeffler admitted to the police that he has planned to kill his wife, but his defense team are saying that he was delusional at the time of the shooting. During his trial, the defendant broke down in tears when the 911 call he made was played in the courtroom.

The Deschutes County prosecutor, Mary Anderson, said that on the murder was premeditated.

On the night of the shooting, she said, Loeffler took the house phone off the hook and grabbed his 25-caliber handgun from his bedroom. He then alleged set a trap to get his wife to the deck of their house on the Cascade Range in the center of Oregon.

He even told investigators during an interview that he shot his wife in the neck and then fired an additional "kill shot" to her head to ensure she was dead.

Jacques DeKalb, who is Loeffler's defense attorney, said her client was not guilty of murder: "He had no idea what reality was at that time," she told jurors during the case.

She continued to explain to the jury the actions of her client telling them that he has just spent 10 days recovering from surgery to remove his gall bladder, which left him disoriented and irrational.

It remains to be seen what punishment will be handed down to Lawrence Loeffler for the murder of his wife. It may be the case that he will be interned into a mental facility if it is proved that he was not in his right mind on the night of the shooting.