Ton Of Cocaine Found On Air France Plane

A ton of cocaine was discovered on an Air France plane packed into luggage.

A massive amount of the drug commonly associated with Hollywood celebrities and a certain Al Pacino gangster movie was smuggled among the luggage and seized at a Paris airport, where it was discovered to be packed into 30 suitcases on a passenger plane.

If France has anything close to the TSA in the US, we can probably expect to see luggage security tighten considerably after this. Such a large haul is definitely call for alarm.

French, British, Spanish, and Dutch police and colleagues found the nearly one and a third tons of cocaine during a search of a flight to Charles De Gaulle airport from Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. This is apparently the largest discovery of the drug ever found in Metropolitan France, according to French Interior Minister Manuel Valls.

In a turn of facts that seems disturbing, the ton of cocaine was found on the Air France plane on September 11, the same day as the terrorist attacks over a decade ago in the US which spawned increased security at the airport. Thus far, six people have been arrested in connection with the massive seizure of the drugs, and likely more to come as details are uncovered.

French police commander Mohamed Douhane says the ton of cocaine was an exceptional haul, and plans an inquiry to determine any possible accomplices involved within the airport or other companies.

How the suitcases containing over a ton of cocaine found their way on the Air France plane in the first place is one of the biggest questions at the moment, as none of the 30 pieces of luggage were registered to passengers. Also, cocaine is allegedly not produced in Venezuela, as it usually comes from Columbia, Peru, and Bolivia. It appears to be an inside job, hence the inquiry.

The ton of cocaine found on the Air France plane has a street value of $270 million.