November 17, 2013
Jennifer Hudson Doppelganger Fools Paparazzi [Photo]

How famous is Jennifer Hudson? The singer is apparently so popular that the paparazzi have started taking pictures of her doppelgangers.

Yep, Hudson's doppelganger was chased down by the paparazzi this weekend for an entertainment site.

The photo was published with the title "Jennifer Hudson Dressing to Impress" but the woman in the picture wasn't the Oscar winning singer. Nope, it was just some random woman who slightly resembles Hudson.

The singer posted the image on Instagram with the message: "Cute girl! But that ain't me! I know the poor girl was like, y r they taking pictures of me!! Wow!"

We can all agree that most celebrities live pretty nice lives. They are adored by their fans, they make millions every year, and they receive awards on national television from people who are so impressed with their talents. The downside, of course, is that they have very little privacy and are constantly hounded by photographers.

Jennifer Hudson's doppleganger doesn't have loyal fans (I don't think), she doesn't make millions ever year (she might but probably not as much as Hudson), and she doesn't get applauded for her work (again, who knows). She isn't a celebrity but she is still getting followed around by paparazzi photographers.

That's just terrible. But it's also kind of funny.

jennifer hudson

Now that Jennifer Hudson's doppelganger has the paparazzi distracted the singer can concentrate on her music. Hudson released a new song today featuring T.I.