‘The Vacuum Bazooka’: Dominate The Hallways [Video]

The vacuum bazooka, shown off in a recent YouTube video, may just give you that needed edge in hallway combat.

Many of us have had hallway wars, using standard office equipment as ammunition while we aimed at co-workers, siblings, or schoolmates for the ultimate in battleground satisfaction. Normally it just gets the participants in trouble over shenanigans deemed unsafe in such situations, but that rarely stops us. It’s just too fun.

Probably the most popular form of hallway combat involved spitballs through a straw, an unsanitary but satisfying way of annoying that target you had in mind. What if there was a way to up the ante, keep it safe, and use items readily available at Home Depot and such? According to The Royal Institution, there is; it’s called the vacuum bazooka.

Using nothing more than the power of an average household vacuum cleaner (not the bagless variety, there has to be some suction involved), you can become the Rambo of the hallways, as seen in the video above.

Dave Ansell of the Naked Scientists shows off the different attachments he had made using little more than PVC pipe and a little technical know-how, firing foam rounds from one end of the contraption to the other, all using nothing more than the power of a vacuum cleaner.

With his assistant holding the barrel up, as PVC tends to bend easily at short distances, Dave Ansell first shows off a front flap that allows more than one round to be fired at once. However, that didn’t seem like enough, so he made ways to load more than one round from the rear of the vacuum bazooka.

First off, there is the revolver, which loads up to six rounds using a string pull to load successive rounds.

Next up was the magazine, which holds multiple rounds and loads them in succession, but again, the rounds were spent too quickly and inconsistently.

Finally, Dave Ansell shows us the machine-gun-style configuration, with 32 PVC sections held together with string and fed through a separate feeder device which helps load them cleanly for a more rewarding hallway war experience.

The vacuum bazooka may just be the best and safest weapon you’ll ever find to achieve hallway dominance.

[image via Daveansell.co.uk]