Is Liam Hemsworth A Hypocrite? Miley Cyrus Seems To Think So, Rumor

Is Liam Hemsworth a hypocrite? It can’t be, the hunky, seemingly down-to-earth Aussie is acting out of character since splitting from former fiancee Miley Cyrus.

Now reports are that she is calling him just that, hypocritical. Why?

Well, Liam is supposedly a very private and conservative person, his whole family is, starting with his parents. Miley Cyrus, not so much.

If one looks at this relationship objectively, they appear to be complete opposite. He is serious, she is wild, too put it mildly. The wildest and wackiest the better for Miley.

According to Hollywood Life, Miley Cyrus is extremely shocked and hurt by ex-fiance’s PDA with the Mexican actress and singer, Eiza Gonzalez only one day after announcing his split with Cyrus publicly.

In the past, there were reports that some of the troubles the couple had was due to her sharing too much information about their relationship on social media, especially Twitter.

Liam Hemsworth supposedly made Miley delete her Twitter account and promise not to talk about the two of them publicly. What’s wrong with a guy that values his privacy?

After the announcement of their break up, which didn’t come as a surprise to anyone, he was seen making out with Gonzalez, going against his own rules when it comes to romances.

The pair was photographed by paparazzi kissing when he paid a visit to her house before they both headed out of town. In Liam Hemsworth’s defense, we don’t know where the photographers were positioned to catch him in such compromising situation.

The photos are quite grainy, which can indicate that the lens used was pretty far away. So maybe he wasn’t really in public view.

Miley Cyrus made performed live at the iHeartRadio music festival on Saturday night and was visibly emotional while singing her single “Wrecking Ball” who alludes to troubles in a relationship. One can assume the song is about Liam Hemsworth.