Steve Jobs Time Capsule Was Lost, Holds Apple CEO Secrets, Beer

Steve Jobs' time capsule has been unearthed after 30 years of being lost.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Steve Jobs probably wouldn't be happy with either the movie in his name or the iPhone 5S reviews that claim Apple lost its innovation.

The Steve Jobs time capsule was buried in 1983 after the International Design Conference that featured the Lisa computer presentation. Although it's officially called the Aspen Time Tube, the unofficial name is the Steve Jobs time capsule because it contains the original Apple Lisa mouse and because it might include recordings or notes related to the speech Steve Jobs gave that day. While the recordings have been lost to time, Steve Jobs is claimed to have predicted a slew of future technologies that day, including the iPad, wireless networking, and even Apple's App Store. So it's possible the time capsule might include other Apple secrets from Steve Jobs that haven't been invented yet.

The original plan was to unearth the Steve Jobs time capsule in 2000 but due to landscaping in the Aspen, Colorado area they lost track of exactly where the Aspen Time Tube was buried. But a National Geographic Channel show called Diggers was able to figure out exactly where the Steve Jobs time capsule was hidden.

The 13-foot long, 1.5-foot-diameter Steve Jobs time capsule was packed with various items wrapped in plastic. One of the items was the original Apple Lisa mouse, but other selections were more interesting choices, including a six-pack of beer intended for the future excavation crew. Harry Teague, who helped set up the International Design Conference, recalls why he buried Balantine beer as part of the Aspen Time Tube project:

"The guys that dig this up will be sweaty and appreciate a six-pack."
When the end came off the Steve Jobs time capsule, it's said, "literally things just poured out. There must be literally thousands of things in there." Not all of the items from the Steve Jobs time capsule have been officially announced yet, but other items include name tags from the conference, a Rubik's cube, and a Moody Blues album.

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