'Don't Jump Into Bed With First Man You See' Advises Jackie Collins At Age 75: Really?

Jackie Collins, at the age of 75, has finally come to the conclusion that it's not a good idea to jump into bed with the first man you see, according to a report in the MailOnline.

Although her reputation as an author is based on many of her heroines doing just that, she has decided, in her mature years, that it's a case of don't do as I do, just do as I say. She now thinks that saying "no" actually empowers women and gives them more control over their lives.

"Empower yourself... Keep your boyfriend wanting more, but still have fun. Girls should make the rules and guys can still have a good time following them."

Why is she going public now with this chaste advice? Could it have any connection to the fact that she is about to release a new book called Confessions Of A Wild Child which is targeting the teenage market?

She said: "I wrote it for young adults, so I only allude to sex. My American publisher wanted to widen the audience."

However, she admits that the book still contains many scenes in which the main character – a young version of Lucky Santangelo, the star of many of her explicit adult novels – "almost" has sex. Presumably, this is to ensure that she does not become "almost" pregnant.

"A lot of girls are going to identify with that, doing 'almost', she said. ' Almost' rules!' "

Ms Collins – who claims to be a staunch believer in monogamy – also advised young girls to dress more modestly, saying: "You have to be strong and confident."

She continued: "I always say to women: Girls can do anything. And they can. But they have to watch it. They have to be proud of themselves, confident of themselves. They can't walk round looking like a hooker and expect to be treated like an intelligent woman."

Some people, including judges, have said that girls can't dress like hookers and not expect to get into trouble. But that's another angle, maybe for Jackie Collins' follow up novel.