'Obam-Me': President Obama's Nickname According To Peggy Noonan

"Obam-me" is the nickname some in the White House have given the President of the United States, if you believe columnist Peggy Noonan.

Noonan, who is a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, says she overheard some staffers calling their boss the unflattering nickname when she overheard them chatting with some senators.

But why exactly did the staffers choose such a nickname?

"Because it's all about him and his big thoughts," Noonan writes in a column. "I guess the second-term team is not quite as adoring as the first."

Peggy Noonan is a former speech writer for President Ronald Reagan who has joined other vocal Republicans in saying the President is acting all self-absorbed lately.

Obama is not having a good second term, recently his inability to handle the situation in Syria coupled with Russian President Vladimir Putin's apparent new role as global leader, made the President and the United States look weak.

Calling the Commander in Chief "Obam-me" is a reflection of just how bad things are going for this administration, who doesn't seem to have a clear message, on anything.

One of the most vocal critics has been former GOP congressman Joe Scarborough, who is the host of his MSNBC Morning Joe show and recently slammed the Obama for going ahead with a speech on the economy while the Navy Yard shooting was happening almost simultaneously this past Monday.

"President Barack Obama must be either bored or out of touch to have launched a partisan attack on Republicans as the shooting at Washington's Navy Yard was unfolding", Scarborough said Tuesday.

"You would like to think he would have said to himself, 'Guys, let's do this tomorrow,'" Scarborough asked. "As the leader of the country, you would think that."

Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard called the decision to press on with the partisan address as "small and petty".

Do you think it's disrespectful to call the President of the United States "Obam-me"?