UFC 165: Jon Jones And Alexander Gustafsson Taken To Hospital

After a grueling UFC 165 bout Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson were taken to a local Toronto hospital.

Jones defended his UFC light heavyweight title with an unanimous decision in the Octogon. The men were competing in the main event at UFC 165 on Saturday night.

Both men skipped the post-fight press conference and speaking on their behalf was UFC president Dana White

“So you wanna know how good of a fight that was, neither the champion or challenger will be here. Jones is already at the hospital and we’re taking Gustafsson there now,” said White.

The UFC president added

“You could tell in the final round they were fighting on pure heart. I believe this is one of those fights where both of the fighters believed they were going to die.”

Jones badly injured his left foot during the match, an injury that Ariel Helwani says occurred during the early stages of the tough fought match.

The grueling match was handed the “Fight of the Night” honors which provides each man with a $50,000 bonus.

As expected following the match Dana White said he would love to see a rematch.

It is still too early to tell if the two fighters will have the chance to face-off yet again in the Octagon. One person who won’t be fighting Jones is Daniel Cormier.

Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson were taken to the hospital for injury treatment and standard observation.

UFC opponents can badly beat one another inside the Octagon and for that reason the league takes extra precautions to observe fighters after tougher matches.

Do you think the UFC 165 match was tough enough to warrant hospital visits for both fighters?