Tracy Ocasio’s Remains Not Discovered, Medical Records Confirm

Human remains discovered in Orange County, California, on Friday do not belong to Tracy Ocasio. Official medical records have confirmed that the remains do not match Ocasio’s DNA.

According to Orange County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Angelo Nieves, “The medical examiner has returned some preliminary information as feedback, and the remains they examined yesterday can be definitively ruled out as the remains of Tracy Ocasio.”

Neives further adds, “The sex, race and probable age of the skeletal remains are not yet available for release at this time until further information is received from detectives.”

Road crews were working to widen Hackney Prairie Road in the Ocoee area when they discovered what appeared to be a human skull. The remains were discovered at approximately 11am on Friday.

Police arrived on the scene and a K-9 unit tracked down additional remains.

The homicide division is now investigating the scene of the crime in order to determine how the body ended up at that location.

Arriving at the scene a short time after the police call was Joe Ocasio, father of Tracy Ocasio.

Tracy went missing in 2009 and very few leads have been reported.

Investigators have closed down the area as they continue to search for evidence.