September 22, 2013
Bethenny Frankel's Botched Botox, Experts Chime In

Bethenny Frankel might be the victim of a botched botox procedure. Several plastic surgery experts are suggesting that Frankel underwent some injections that didn't go as planned.

Dr. Robert Guida, a plastic surgeon for dozens of celebrities, claims Frankel had "too many injections in the wrong spots. This is causing her eyebrows to arch way too much, giving her an overdone, ridiculous look." Guida further claims that such injections has caused her to look "too smooth" and "far from natural."

A second plastic surgeon reveals: "Her face's natural, instant reaction of surprise was to go wide-eyed and lift both her eyebrows high up but she was unable to lift the inner edges of her eyes, creating a bat-eyed appearance."

That second surgeon points to a recent clip on her talk show. On her show NFL star Tiki Barber tells her he is expecting a baby with the 23-year-old woman he left his pregnant wife for. In that clip Frankel appears "expressionless" as she reacts to the news.

Experts claim Bethenny Frankel had the "eleven" lines in-between her eyebrows Botoxed. When those lines are left behind they can make people look anger or scowled.

Frankel has been open about previous procedures, for example, she has talked in-depth about her 2005 boob job. In a previous interview Bethenny revealed of her C to D breast implants:

"They were really still know when you lay down naked and they're over here (on either side of you). They're like cocktails on the side. So my girlfriend said, you should do something."

Eventually Frankel had the breast implants removed because they were "too big."

During a 2009 interview with PEOPLE Frankel admitted to trying Botox along with monthly microdermabrasion treatments to remove rough facial skin.

A rep for Bethenny Frankel says she has since dropped Botox treatments because of her recently developed fear of the drug.