Bethenny Frankel Had ‘Bad Botox’, Expert Says

According to Dr Robert Guida, a plastic surgeon based on New York’s Park Avenue, Bethenny Frankel had “bad botox” injections and looks worse for it.

Dr Guida told the MailOnline that she thought the TV star had, “too many injections in the wrong spots,” continuing, “This is causing her eyebrows to arch way too much, giving her an overdone, ridiculous look.”

In a recent interview Frankel did for her chat show with NFL star Tiki Barber, she remained totally expressionless when he tells her he is expecting a baby from the woman he left his wife for. This suggests that some bad botox shots may have been given to Bethenny Frankel.

Another beauty expert spoke to the newspaper saying she agreed that the muscles in Frankel’s forehead “have likely been paralyzed due to too many fillers.”

The anonymous beauty therapist added, “Her face’s natural, instant reaction of surprise was to go wide eyed and lift both her eyebrows high up but she was unable to lift the inner edges of her eyes, creating a bat-eyed appearance.”

She went on to point out the fact that Frankel has had the lines in-between her eyebrows botoxed as well: “These creases can make one appear to be scowling or angry. The good news is she never looks angry as long as her injections last.”

Frankel, who starred in The Real Housewives of New York City, first admitted that she “tried” botox, back in 2009 to People Magazine. Although her spokesperson told reporters recently that Bethenny Frankel no longer has botox fillers and that there is no need for “concern.”