Jacque Rae Pyles Talks Justin Bieber: ‘The Best Week Of My Life’ [Video]

Justin Bieber and Jacque Rae Pyles’ relationship is described as a friendship by the lady herself in a new interview with Hollywood TV. But, the pretty brunette doesn’t specifically rule out something more developing, if it hasn’t already.

Spotted last Saturday boarding a private jet bound for Las Vegas with the pop superstar to watch Floyd Mayweather’s eventual boxing victory over Canelo Alvarez at the MGM Grand, it’s since been speculated Pyles’ longstanding presence in Justin’s life is now a romantic one.

Speaking to Hollywood TV while at the Kari Feinstein Emmy gift lounge in Hollywood on Friday, the 19-year-old opened up about her August Bahamas break with Bieber, her plans for the future — and more.

After enthusing about “leopard pumps” she picked up at the swag-fest and admitting her social life was often “last minute” and “spontaneous,” the School Gyrls alum revealed she has some “acting projects in the works that I can’t really speak about” and that her focus was “acting, mostly.”

Then, she was asked about Bieber.

Confirming she has known the “Baby” star since 2009 and met him when she was 14, Pyles said, “Our relationship just grows each day and gets better.”

Asked “what’s the best” or “most romantic” thing Justin has done for her, Pyles dismissed the idea of a romance before waxing lyrical about their vacation.

Almost giddily, Pyles went on. “And it was absolutely incredible, hands down like the best week of my life!”

Happily sharing the details of her idyllic holiday with Justin, the actress-dancer said:

“There was a group of us and everyday was something new,” adding: “Like they had jet-skis for us so we would go out on the jet-skis a lot, or swam with sharks, and there was like an Island next to us that had pigs that swam, so we would go and play like with the pigs and everything.”

She continued: “We just had a lot of fun. We were just kids, playing basically.”

Jacque Rae Went On Holiday With Justin Bieber To The Bahamas

Via @jacque_rae Instagram on August 23.

Probed on the inevitable hostility she has received from some Bieber fans — Pyles recently stood up to one persistent social media user who attacked her online, calling them “pathetic” — the young starlet replied:

“You just gotta stay positive,” she said, smiling. “I go on Twitter. I have like friends that I contact on there, so I definitely see the messages. But, it’s just, you just got to know how to turn it off and not worry about it.”

Rationalizing the ‘hate,’ she explains, “It’s their idol you know. They admire him, they’re looking out for him… that’s how I look at it.”

Jacque Rae Pyles Traveled To Las Vegas With Justin Bieber

via @jacque-rae Instagram posted the day of her Las Vegas trip with Bieber on September 14.

A revealing moment came when Pyles was asked to reveal the “best thing” about Justin. Quick as a flash, she gushed: “His attitude. He’s really funny. Yeah, I like (sic)…”

In addition to the Bahamas trip, Pyles was seen in an Instagram photo Bieber posted the day after the MTV Video Music Awards which he didn’t attend. It was captioned “Get off ur phone Jacque.”

The pair are believed to have dined together on the night of the VMAs.

Justin Bieber Whisked Jacque Rae Pyles To The Bahamas

Pyles on Jet Skis In the Bahamas.

Pyles also sat front row with Bieber at Opening Ceremony’s show during New York Fashion Week, later clubbing with the teen singer and a group of friends at the 1 Oak nightclub on September 8.

The California native was later snapped hugging the superstar outside film studios in Los Angeles on September 13.

Justin Bieber And Jacque Rae Pyles

Hollywood TV billed Pyles as “Justin Bieber’s new girlfriend” in the YouTube video description and may know something the actress-dancer is not prepared — or allowed/advised — to officially declare yet.

However, Bieber’s reps have not confirmed the pair are dating and declined to comment on the singer’s personal life.

Justin Bieber And Jacque Rae Pyles Snapped Back In The Day

Justin Bieber and Jacque Rae Pyles back in the day.

[Images via Pure Break and Jacque-rae Instagram]