'The Lone Ranger' Gallops Onto Blu-ray, DVD This December

Director Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger will make its debut on Blu-ray and DVD this December.

The folks at Disney watched in complete horror as the Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer flick crashed and burned at the box office this summer. Although the movie wasn't exactly a success during its theatrical run, the studio is hoping to make up the difference on Blu-ray and DVD.

Since the movie had a hard time finding an audience earlier this year, it's surprising that Disney is asking so much for The Lone Ranger on Blu-ray. While some outlets will no doubt offer the movie at a deep discount, the suggested retail price is $39.99. That's a lot of money for a flick nobody wanted to see.

Those who decide to splurge on the flick will also receive a handful of special features. The Blu-ray comes with a several behind-the-scenes documentaries, a blooper reel, and a single deleted scene. If you choose to pick up the movie on DVD, then you'll only get the outtakes.

The Pirates of the Caribbean director's $215 million adaptation of the classic television series only managed to scrape up $89 million at the box office in the US. The film's foreign total is a little better; Box Office Mojo claims the movie generated $155 million overseas.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Disney stands to lose close to $200 million from The Lone Ranger. Although Blu-ray and DVD sales may help alleviate some of that damage, it's unlikely that the movie will get a second life on home video.

Who's to blame for the film's failure? According to stars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, bad reviews kept people away from the flick upon its release over the summer. Instead of just admitting that the movie was a misfire, the actors pointed the finger of blame at critics.

"I think the reviews were written when they heard Gore (Verbinski) and Jerry (Bruckheimer) and me were going to do 'The Lone Ranger.' They had expectations that it must be a blockbuster. I didn't have any expectations of that. I never do," Depp said.

Here's some artwork for the film's home video release.

Johnny Depp Gore Verbinski

Are you planning to pick up The Lone Ranger on Blu-ray and DVD on December 17?

[Image via Buena Vista / Walt Disney Pictures]