But If Gretchen Carlson Wore Pants, We’d Be Unable To Gander At Her Gams

Gretchen Carlson is finally wearing pants again after years of skirts on Fox & Friends.

The former-morning-and-soon-to-be-daytime Fox host/anchor strolled in to sit down with former co-host Brian Kilmeade during his radio show Thursday to do some reminiscing about their time together on Fox & Friends. Kilmeade immediately took note of her “casual” attire.

“Nobody’s going to recognize me because not only am I dressed casually, I have on pants!” Carlson said. “Now, pants were not allowed on Fox & Friends. Remember?”

She continued:

“I have jeans on, Brian! Welcome to the new Gretchen.”

This declaration did not escape the attention of liberal publications like Raw Story and the liberal-to-the-point-of-vomiting-even-for-liberals Salon.

“If you have never had the unpleasant task of searching for Gretchen Carlson clips on YouTube, I will save you the trouble: Before getting to her horrendous commentary, you will first have to sift through several depressing montages devoted to Carlson’s ‘think n’juicy thighs’ and upskirt shots… ” and that’s just the intro.

That’s like… backhanded feminist solidarity or something. Is that a thing already?

Anyway, Fox News has been criticized for pushing sexuality and for hiring anchors based on their looks more so than their experience or, you know, ability, so maybe the “no pants” rule is not that surprising.

Whether or not it’s full-on offensive, we leave to you. Do Fox anchors like Gretchen Carlson deserve a little dignity? Do you think that Fox News is a little misogynistic? Sound off!