iPhone 5S Sold Out: Gold, Silver Color Cases Unavailable After Release Date Rush

With iPhone 5S sold out in many stores upon the release date, Apple fans are trying to figure out where to get the iPhone 5S Gold and Silver editions.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, iPhone 5S release date deals are mostly limited to Walmart and Target.

While Apple fans are probably unhappy to hear that the iPhone 5S sold out, even older iPhone users are upset with the iOS 7 download problems they’ve been experiencing. Apple iPhone 5S sales also defying the low iPhone 5S reviews, which claimed the new iPhone lacked innovation.

Even the Apple online store is claiming the iPhone 5S Gold is sold out and is only available on back order. Even the silver and spay gray iPhone 5S will only be available in seven to 10 days, and that number keeps climbing. Apple is happy the iPhone 5S sold out but they’re already asking manufacturers to increase product on the iPhone 5S Gold by “one third.”

Some people are recommending going to other stores besides the Apple store to find the iPhone 5S Gold. But earlier reports said places like Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Radio Shack will be given a limited stock of the iPhone 5S Gold edition so if there’s any left you better get moving.

With the iPhone 5S sold out for gold editions, some financial experts believe the iPhone 5S Gold could be resold at quite a profit:

“Gold represents you are actually holding a new iPhone. There will be (a margin) of a few hundred dollars to a thousand.”

If you jump onto Craigslist the iPhone 5S Gold is already reselling for over $1,000 in some larger cities like New York. The eBay prices for the sold out editions of the iPhone 5S seem to be hovering close to $900. That makes the iPhone 5S Gold edition about as pricey as the 24k gold iPhone we used as a photo for this article.

With the iPhone 5S sold out, do you still plan on buying the iPhone 5S or will you go for the iPhone 5C?