Joy Behar Talks Bad Blood On ‘The View’, Discusses Jenny McCarthy

By now it’s not exactly a surprise that The View has its fair share of drama. Throughout all the talking heads, ultra liberal and comedian Joy Behar has always seemed to keep a neutral relationship with everyone on the panel.

This considered, Behar has opened up to Jay Leno that not everything was as it seemed on The View. Behar, who left The View back in August, reveals to Jay Leno that she was almost fired from The View.

Behar reveals that she was almost cut from the show nearly seven years ago at the hands of Barbara Walters. Walters, who is the creator behind The View, was not happy with Behar when she let the news leak that Rosie O’Donnell would be joining the girls at the table.

Initially Barbara Walters planned to announce the huge news at the Primetime Emmys, but Behar let the news about Rosie’s addition slip on Entertainment Tonight.

Recalling the moment which came in the form of a phone call from Walters, Behar posed to Leno, “You ever feel like you’re going to have a heart attack?” Behar continued to speak about almost getting axed from The View all of those years ago. Of the phone call Joy relayed the conversation:

“Hello, Joy? It’s Barbara. And I just want you to know I’m not renewing your contract.”

Behar of course apologized to Walters profusely, but Walters didn’t seem to care, having said: “It was a big mistake! I’m not renewing your contract!”

As luck would have it, Walters ended up renewing Behar’s contract, though it’s not certain how the two rebounded from that phone call that almost ruined Behar’s stay on The View.

“I got in trouble a lot. I mean, people don’t know how much trouble I got into.”

Joy Behar opened up about another story that involved Behar almost getting cut from The View again. One of her off the cuff jokes about Donald Trump was not well received. Behar told Leno that she had received a letter from the people involved at The Apprentice show.

So with all of this talk about The View, what does Joy Behar think about her replacement Jenny McCarthy?

According to Behar, “Jenny’s good. Jenny McCarthy, lovely girl. Very controversial.” Of her new romance to New Kids On The Block Donnie Wahlberg, Joy said: “But she loves a beef injection, I heard!”

Are you surprised that Joy Behar was almost axed from The View?

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