Entrepreneur David Gundlach Leaves $150 Million To Elkhart, Town Finally Has Plan To Use It

The residents of Elkhart, Indiana, have finally worked out what they are going to do with the $150 million fortune that was left for them by a reclusive entrepreneur.

David Gundlach a businessman and film producer, who worked with Bill Murray, died of a heart attack in October 2011, decided to leave the vast sum of money to the Elkhart County Community Foundation.

It took the town over a year to figure out what to do with the money though, and on Friday, the foundations’ president, Peter McCown, finally revealed that they know what their plan is.

Over the last twelve months those involved in the complicated project have been discussing, planning, and listening to various other residents as they concocted their idea.

McCown told The Christian Post, “It’s been a year for us here so we feel like we’ve got our feet underneath us a bit.”

He went on to reveal that the last few months have been peculiar, as they weren’t sure how much money they were actually going to receive.

McCown noted, “We knew we were in his estate plan but we didn’t know the details of that. As the personal representative of the estate, his attorney, and we as one of the beneficiaries of the estate, learned the details of his plans and the extent of the resources that he had, there was a growing sense of amazement but there wasn’t this aha moment.”

He then added that it only crystallised for him when he received a phone call confirming that the money had made it into their account.

Elkhart citizens then started to contact McCown with ideas regarding what to do with the wealth. McCown even admitted that on average he was getting between 200 to 300 messages a day, which revolved around Alzheimer’s, abandoned pets, neighborhood blight, and education for children.

McCown has now confirmed that they have their plan in place, and after meeting with over 2,000 people, which has included invested community members, leaders, and focus groups, they have a resolute plan to spread the money across the town’s new budget for 2014.

[Image via Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock]