Dina Lohan A Parent Trapped: May Lose House

Dina Lohan just can’t seem to keep it all together. Mother to Lindsay Lohan, Dina has been at the forefront of much criticism following her daughter’s behavior in clubs. Known as the mom that parties, Dina had her own bout of troubles with the law recently.

As was previously reported, Dina Lohan was arrested and charged with a DUI, after being pulled over by New York State Troopers in Lond Island. Now that her mug shot has been filtered out all over the internet, it looks like Dina has more troubles on her hands.

According to TMZ, Dina Lohan may be losing her Long Island house. Apparently a bank has filed a lawsuit to foreclose on her Long Island home. It isn’t completely random, as Dina was said to be on hard times, and had a problem with making her mortgage payments for several years now. However, her financial troubles has reached a new high, and enough is enough, according to JP Morgan.

It’s believed that JP Morgan Chase Bank has decided to file the foreclosure action against Dina Lohan. According to the Long Island Press, this is not an easy process, and if Dina Lohan doesn’t want to lose her house, she may be able to settle it with the bank.

As we previously reported, Lindsay Lohan will be getting her own docu-series on Oprah’s network Own. We wonder if Dina’s recent troubles, including her arrest, will be discussed on the show? Although this show will not act as just a regular reality series, we can’t help but to think that some of the gossip surrounding the Lohan family will be discussed.This isn’t the only time Dina has experienced financial problems. TMZ reported that Lohan had to be bailed out by her daughter, Lindsay. The falling star reportedly lent upwards to forty thousand dollars so that Dina can pull her financials together.

Dina Lohan's House

As it is Dina Lohan has always been very public with her daughter’s actions in the public, and has even recently joked about her own arrest. She told the press just a few days ago that she feels like “a parent trapped.”

Looks like Dina Lohan may be on to something.