Cab Driver Charges Mother For Giving Birth Inside Car

A cab driver charged a mother for giving birth inside his car. Jenny Larkin, age 22, unexpectedly gave birth inside the taxi on the way to the hospital. When she returned home, she was faced with a bill for $64.

The North Yorkshire woman went into labor in the middle of the night. As she had no transportation, she called for a cab. Driver Steven Morrell headed toward the James Cook University Hospital with Larkin and her boyfriend, Tim Galloway.

When Morrell pulled into the hospital parking lot, Larkin was already giving birth. Several midwives were called outside to assist with the birth.

As reported by Parent Dish, 7 pound 15 ounce Finley was born on the backseat of the cab.

Morrell was informed of the impending birth before he arrived at Larkin’s home. He placed a plastic sheet on the seat to prevent damage. However, the sheet was not enough.

The cab driver says his car was a complete mess. Morrell claims it took him days to clean up and repair the damage to his vehicle. The cab was out of commission for two days.

As reported by Gazette Live, Morrell hand delivered the bill to Larkin’s home. The new parents were stunned.

Larkin says she already paid over $25 for the fare. She and her boyfriend simply cannot afford to pay the additional charges.

Morrell is employed under contract with J&P Taxis. Therefore, he is responsible for cleaning his own cab. J&P owner Craig Walker says Morrell had to pay for the cleaning supplies in addition to losing two days of work.

Walker says Larkin is responsible for the bill according to council law. However, he asked the new mother to contact him directly to arrange payment.

The cab driver insists he is not being insensitive. He is simply trying to recover some of his lost pay and expenses.

Photo of Larkin, Galloway, and their new son: Here

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